Congratualtions to the selected Filmmakers!

In collaboration with Emploi Québec, Main Film offers, for the very first time, an affordable 30 hour complete professional training focused on producing a film with a very small budget (< $50 000).


This training is paired with a personalized mentorship by its instructor, Hany Ouichou, who has more than 5 years of experience as a Producer.  With his production company Art & Essai, he has produced over 15 short films and 4 feature films with small budgets.


8 Filmmakers and artists from Montreal’s media arts scene were selected and will be better equiped to produced their own films in a professional manner while respecting their artistic vision and limiting risks taken.


We would like to thank all the candidates who have been submited their application.



Valérie Bah

Jean-Pierre Bergeron

 Ines Guennanoui

Hélène Ha

Amélie Hardy

Lorraine Price

Davyd Tousignant

Matthew Wolkow

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