The ARRI Alexa Classic EV is a reliable, robust and flexible digital cinema camera allowing to capture a great deal of details in both highligth and dark areas. Also equipped with the anamorphic and 120 fps recording license allowing a broader spectrum of narrative expressions, the Alexa Classic EV super 35 ALEV III 2.8K sensor ensures a natural rendering of colors and skintones. The ARRI EVF-1 viewfinder provides high quality signal and ultra-precise color reproduction, greatly improving camera operation. Its careful and intuitive design, paired with its ergonomic architecture make this camera a tool of choice for many years to come.

This kit includes 6 Leica R lenses (16mmf2.8, 19mmf2.8, 24mmf2.8, 35mmf2.8, 50mmf2, 60mmf2.8 macro, 90mmf2.8, 135mmf2.8), a Chrosziel Follow Focus, a Sacthler Video 20 ll tripod, a Vocas Mattebox with 2 trays, 6 4×4 Filters (Pola, ND.1, ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND1.2) and an 8 inch Tranvideo Rainbow HD monitor.

It is available for rental for the members, at the associate rate only. (It is not included in the material available for support programs).

For more information, please call: 514 845 7442.

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