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Why become a member ?

Main Film is an artist-run centre whose mandate is to support independent filmmakers in cultivating their voice and creative vision through practice and creative advancement, regardless of their experience, process, chosen medium or distribution goals.

Through its various activities, Main Film hopes to support filmmakers in establishing themselves as artists and to foster the emergence of new cinematic voices.

As such, working alongside other artist-run centres, we proceed on two levels. We offer filmmakers the following advantages:

– limiting the material and financial burdens which, in turn, limit creativity, creative processes and practices.

– advancing creative practices with the help of recognized artists and fostering artists’ establishment within the industry

In becoming a member of Main Film, you can take advantage of all that Main Film has to offer, while integrating into the filmmaking community.

Simply visit Main Film with valid identification. Business hours are Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We offer two membership options. For further information, please do not hesitate to call, email or visit us to find out more about the organization and tour our space.



Discount on all equipment (50% discount, on average) and on workshops (33% discount, on average);

Free access to events organized as part of our workshop sessions;

Recognition of your membership status in a number of artist-run centres across Canada, as part of the Réseau des arts médiatiques indépendants access policy (57 centres across Canada);

Access to a screening room to show your films;

Access to preferred rates with our partners (MELS / SONO VIDÉO / LOU-CAM / NIAGARA CUSTOM LAB / ZEPHYR /

The right to attend general assemblies (as a non-voting member).

Associate membership is valid for one year, at a cost of $70. 


Associate Members who wish to become Active Members may do so by paying an additional fee of $100 and fulfilling 21 hours of volunteer work at Main Film.
Active membership is intended for filmmakers directing their own work (criteria 1) who maintain full editorial and creative control of their projects (criteria 2). Active Members benefit from an additional 40% discount off the Associate Member rate for the rental of MF equipment. There is no need to submit an application to qualify.

In addition to the benefits of associate membership and the additional discount on equipment rentals, Active Members:

Are not required to leave a deposit on mobile equipment rentals (for rentals below $50 000 in value);may benefit from having their work showcased on our website (Highlighted members / Active Member directory);

May participate in a range of exclusive events;

Have the right to vote at general assemblies; and

Are eligible to run and be elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

Active membership is valid for one year.


Contact us at or at 514-845-7442

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