Equipment Catalogue (production and post-production) / March 2016 (PDF)

In consulting this price list you will find the costs for Associate members, Active members and Non-members.

How to rent equipment at Main Film

  • Equipment rental billing rates are as follows:

    - 7 days will be invoiced 3 days
    - week-ends will be invoiced 1 day

  • Equipment checkout hours are from 2pm to 5pm, Monday to Thursday. Equipment return hours are from 10am to noon Monday to Tuesday. Equipment can also be returned on Mondays between 9am and 11am. Contact Alexis at for further details.

  • All mobile equipment that has a value of over $2000 must be insured before it can leave Main Film. A deposit of $1000 is required from Associate members and Non-members on checkout.

  • Full payment must be received prior to checkout. Accepted methods of payment are: Cash, Visa, Interac or certified cheque only. We do not accept MasterCard or American Express.

  • It is strongly recommended that all equipment, especially camera and sound be fully tested before check-out.

Acces Policy (PDF)


Acknowledgement of Main Film's support is required in the end credits of finished films and if applicable, any promotional materials related to the project. EPS, JPG and PNG versions of our logo may be downloaded below.

Main Film Logos


Both of our digital editing suites operate on OS 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard) and Final Cut Pro Studio 3 (FCP 7). Consult our catalogue for rates.

Current configurations:

Edit Suite 1:

  • Mac Pro Two 2,66 GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon Westmere (12cores)
  • 6x2GB RAM DDR3 1333Mhz
  • 1XRaid 0 1TB storage capacity
  • 1X600 GB and 1X250 GB storage
  • Final Cut Pro Studio 3
  • Kona LHe Video Card
  • NEC HD Monitor

Edit Suite 2:

  • Mac Pro Dual 2X3 GHz Dual-Core Xeon
  • 4GB RAM DDR2 667 MHz
  • 2x500GB and 1X200GB storage
  • Final Cut Pro Studio 3
  • PRO TOOLS 9 and Digi 002 Rack
  • NEC HD Monitor


MAIN FILM offers the possibility of transferring your Super 8 / 16mm films to digital video. Consult our catalogue for rates.

How to proceed:

  1. You should be comfortable operating a projector and the following cameras: Panasonic DVX-100B (SD) or Canon C-300 (HD). We will help you get started but you will be on your own to shoot.
  2. Transfers must be done at Main Film during office hours.
  3. The projector and the camera must be available.
  4. For HD transfers please note that you need to bring your own external hard drive to store your images.

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