Online | Pitch contest



Online | Pitch contest

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Tuesday May 26, 2020
12 am - 5 pm

A $500 prize to win & 4 day of equipment rental from Main Film (from Thursday to Monday) !
Jury | Anne Emond, François Delisle, Dominique Dussault, Miryam Charles

You have until the May 26th at 5 p.m to send a 2 minutes short video of you pitching your short fiction project at services@mainfilm.qc.ca. You must be face camera with no editing, like if you were pitching in real life. The video comes with a short synopsis (1 page max.).

The videos will be collected and watched by our Jury and they will elect the winner of a $500 prize and 4 day of equipment rental from Main Film to help him shoot his film.

Good luck everyone !

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