What is Main Film?

Main Film's mandate is to facilitate, stimulate and promote independent filmmaking through:

  • bringing together the talents, resources and equipment for the realisation of independent film (Independent means the artist holds complete creative control over their project from conception to completion.)

  • providing an environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

In addition to providing filmmakers with production equipment and post-production facilities, Main Film is dedicated to promoting and disseminating independent films through a variety of activities including training workshops, and Production Support Programs.

How to become a member of Main Film?

Just drop into Main Film with valid photo ID and fill in a simple membership form. At the same time, the benefits of the different membership levels will be explained.

Membership levels

Associate Member

  • Associate Members must pay an annual membership fee in the amount of $70.

  • Associate Members have access to all the services and facilities of the organisation and must leave a deposit when taking out equipment.

  • May attend, but not vote, at all Annual General Assemblies.

  • May upgrade to Active member status by volunteering 21 hours of work to Main Film, and by paying an additional fee of $100.

Active Member

In addition to Associate Member benefits, Active Members:

  • Who are directing their project receive a 40% discount on equipment and services.

  • Are not required to leave a deposit for mobile equipment rentals that are less than $50 000 of the total value of the equipment rented

  • Have the right to vote at our Annual General Assembly

  • Have the right to stand for election to the Board of Directors.

Producers and students enrolled in a film studies programme or film production are not eligible to become Active Members.

What are the benefits of membership at Main Film?

In addition to access to our production equipment and post-production facilities, your membership also offers you:

  • Discounted rates on all Main Film training workshops
  • Free orientation sessions on new equipment
  • Free screening space to show your films
  • Shared membership privileges on equipment and post-production rentals at PRIM, Vidéographe and Les Films de l'Autre.
  • Shared membership privileges on equipment and post-production rentals at various production centers across Canada through the Visiting Artist Membership Programme (VAMP). For a full list of production centers, visit the IMAA website (Requirements and conditions may vary from centre to centre). Contact us for more details on VAMP.
In addition, Main Film members may benefit from discounted rates from our partners:

  • 20% discount on Kodak 35mm, 16mm or Super 8 film stock

  • Discounted rates at Vision Globale

    2012-2013 Complete list of discounted services - Updated Nov. 2012 (PDF 115K)

  • Discounted rates at Sono Vidéo (a complete price list is available for consultation at Main Film) including:

    -20% discount on all rented equipment
    -An additional 40% discount on selected accessories (when rented with a camera)
    -Weekend rentals will be billed for 1 day
    -5 day rentals will be billed for 3 days
    -7 day rentals will be billed for 4 days
    -Special rates on Sony and Maxell tapes and support media
    -Discounts on the purchase of new equipment regularly distributed by Sono Vidéo

  • Discounted rates at Niagara Custom Lab

  • 20% discount at Les Locations de caméra vidéo Lou-Cam

  • 10% discount at Zéphyr Productions

  • membership privileges at Studio4Fun :

    -Associate members of Main Film receive a free C-Level membership package
    -Active members of Main Film receive a free B-Level membership package

What promotional tools does Main Film use?

Promotion by Main Film is done principally through our our bi-weekly electronic bulletin which announces grant application deadlines, up-coming workshops in independent filmmaking, screenings and any other activities offered or supported by Main Film. The bulletin can also include the latest news in the independent film community, calls for submissions, offers of employment, technical information, etc.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list or to post an announcement in our bulletin, contact us at services@mainfilm.qc.ca.

What dissemination activities does Main Film provide?

Each year Main Film participates in festivals and series that promote independent film including experimental works. The goal is to offer filmmakers a venue to show their works in a framework where professionals and the media can see them as well as the public at large. In addition Main Film arranges specific screenings for its members as requested at its own screening facility from time to time. We invite our members to learn more about these activities.

Main Film team

Board of Directors

Bachir Bensaddek / President
Mark Morgenstern / Vice-President
Martin Daigneault / Treasurer
Joe Balass / Secretary
Stephane Moraille / Administrator
Christophe Langevin / Administrator
Emmanuel Hessler / Administrator


Leïla Oulmi / Executive Director
Emilie Coquil / Members Services Coordinator
Alexis Landriault / Technical Coordinator


3981, boul St-Laurent, suite 750
Montreal (Quebec)
H2W 1Y5
Tel.: 514-845-7442
Fax.: 514-845-0718

Business hours: Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm

For additional information do not hesitate to visit us
or email us at: info@mainfilm.qc.ca