Lamia Chraibi


Of Franco-Moroccan origin, Lamia learned at a very young age to rub shoulders with heterogeneous cultural universes. A graduate in Political Science (Sorbonne, Paris) and in Documentary Production (INIS, Montreal), she travels the world to encounter diverse stories. Lamia’s cinema is based on time and the trust established with the protagonists. She is particularly interested in the themes of social justice, identity, family and territory. She also deals with subjects related to body language and social art. With a sensitive and committed approach, his camera allows him to give a voice to forgotten social actors from here and elsewhere.


  • Malja, short documentary, 25 min (in production)
    Screenwriter / Director : Lamia Chraibi


  • Circo, documentary, 80 min (in production)
    Screenwriter : Lamia Chraibi, Yza Nouiga
    Director / Producer : Lamia Chraibi
    Director of photography : Marcel Mueller
    Distribution : F3M
    Premier Pitch (RIDM)
    SCAM – Bourse
    CALQ – Bourse expérimentation et recherche
    SODEC – Soutien à la création Émergente en développement
    PRIM – Soutien à la création


  • Statu Quo, short experimental film, 10 min (2020)
    Screenwriter / Director / Producer : Lamia Chraibi, Marion Chuniaud
    Director of photography : Marcel Mueller
    Distribution : Vidéographe
    Goethe-Institut Montréal – Programmation « La Métropole Virale », Place des Arts, 2020 33. Filmfest Dresden, Allemagne 2021
    Festival Quartier Danse, Montréal, Canada, 2021
    Short to the point, 2021
    We Make Movies International Festival, Hollywood, USA, 2021


  • Voix d’Amazonie, medium lenght documentary, 58 min (2015)
    Screenwriter / Director / Producer : Lamia Chraibi, Lucile Alemany, Margerie David
    Prix Survival International au Festival du Film des Droits de l’Homme de Barcelone
    Meilleur film de la catégorie Documentaire international du Festival de cinéma pour les droits de l’Homme de Bogota


  • On&on, student short film at l’INIS, 8 min (2015)
    Director : Lamia Chraibi

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Staut Quo (trailer)
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