Broadcasting and distribution strategies

Broadcasting and distribution strategies



Broadcasting and distribution strategies

Workshop - Online workshops

Thursday June 4, 2020
10 am - 12 pm

Instructor : Serge Abiaad (La distributrice de films)
Price : $15

Films are made to be seen and the possibilities for achieving this are endless. This fundamental workshop will guide participants through the process of developing a distribution strategy for their own films. The instructor will explore the various stages of marketing a film, including essential promotional materials, key players and potential venues in order to provide participants with the tools to develop strategies that are most relevant to them. Topics include: self-distribution, festivals, film markets, galleries, distributors and the Internet.


- Online (Eventbrite)

- By phone
514 845 7442 (VISA / Paypal on request)

- At the office
Monday - Thursday 10am-5pm (Interac - VISA - Cash)

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