40 years, it’s a celebration with Tënk!

To celebrate our anniversary, we have partnered with Tënk to offer you a special program around the Main Film community of independent filmmakers!

LAYOVERS – Main Film : 40 years of independent cinema
For 40 years, Main Film has supported independent filmmakers in defining their creative voices and cinematic visions through practice and artistic enrichment, regardless of medium, practice, experience or distribution context.
Today we are pleased to highlight these emerging filmmakers who have all benefited from our support through, for example, our Active Member program, our Film Factory support program (exploratory cinema) or DOC! (support for the creation of documentary films).
And we are grateful to be able, 40 years later, to continue this exceptional mission.
For this occasion, we have invited several filmmakers to share with you their feelings after viewing the films presented.
We wish you a pleasant discovery!

Leïla Oulmi
Executive Director of Main Film

Discover for free during 2 weeks 5 feature films and 4 short documentaries that have benefited from our support in the last few years, accompanied by written reviews from talented Quebec independent filmmakers.
To access it, click on this link: https://www.tenk.ca/fr/code/partenaires
Then enter the code: 40ANS

Discover the special film program:

    Caroline Monnet – Active Member
    11 minutes, 2016
    A unique journey on the Tshiuetin, an aboriginal railroad line that crosses the magnificent landscape from western Labrador to northeastern Quebec.


  •   EVA
    Nada El-Omari – P.R.I.S.M.E II
    12 minutes, 2022
    A young woman interviews Stella, a mother and cancer survivor, and observes Sonya, her daughter, to understand and communicate with Eva, the mother she lost as a child.


    Félix Dufour-Laperrière – 2013 Film Factory
    71 minutes, 2014
    A crossing of the ocean on board a cargo ship. The journey and the daily life of the sailors, characters in the middle of infinity.


    Sarah Baril Gaudet – Talent to Watch 2019
    81 minutes, 2020
    This film paints a poetic portrait of Gabrielle and Yoan’s eighteenth birthday, at the dawn of their inevitable departure from the remote Témiscamingue region.


    Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr & Renaud Lessard – Special support
    86 minutes, 2018
    A spirited and inventive docu-drama that portrays two marginalized teenage girls living in an isolated Quebec village.


    François Jacob – Active Member
    112 minutes, 2017
    An intimate portrait of the closed city of Norilsk, Russia, through the eyes of teenagers, mine workers and truth seekers.


    Yen-Chao Lin – 2018 Film Factory
    11 minutes, 2019
    A journey through the villages of Taiwan’s east coast where nature, settlement and migration merge to create a unique spiritual landscape.


    Alisi Telengut – 2018 Film Factory
    8 minutes, 2020
    An exploration of worldview and indigenous wisdom based on ancient shamanic traditions and animistic beliefs in Siberia and Mongolia.


  • 5:1
    Sara Bensaud – P.R.I.S.M.E I
    8 minutes, 2021
    A personal short film with a universal scope in which the filmmaker looks back at the dynamics that developed within her family during the confinement.