Production Support

We offer a number of support programs for the production of fiction and documentary films or for research and experimentation projects.

Main Film is dedicated to offering support to filmmakers who stand apart from their peers through their distinctive creative ideas.

Successful applicants can take advantage of expert advice from leading professionals, access our production and post-production equipment and further their artistic practice through workshops.

Access to these resources is free through most of our programs.

The selection of works we support is guided by an artistic vision that aims to encourage, support and assist emerging filmmakers with a unique style and vision to develop their voice, thus enriching the film landscape through their powerful and fearless artistic commitment.

Support Programs for active Members

We also offer a non-competitive means to access production support: active membership. The program, which is open to all, offers blanket assistance, and is novel and unique among artist-run centres.

It allows filmmakers directing their own work (criteria 1) who have full editorial control (criteria 2) to benefit from an additional discount on the rental of all equipment needed for their projects (60% discount on the Associate Member rate). Its aim is to ease the financial burden of production on filmmakers to foster their practice.

Within this framework, our creative commitment is to safeguard their vision as the guiding factor in their creative process and to guarantee creative freedom to artists, regardless of their chosen practice, medium, format or distribution goals.

For more information, please visit the ACTIVE MEMBER section.

Our Support Programs

Upcoming deadlines

(tri)Cycle : June 1st / October 1st / February 1st

Film Factory : January 2025

DOC! : At any time