Supported Projects

Film Factory

2019- 2020 Cycle:

Charlotte Clermont, The Elsewhere
Miriam Sampaio, I We They
Guillaume Vallée, Monsieur Jean-Claude

2018-2019 Cycle:

Alisi Telengut, The Fourfold (animation)
Yen-Chao Lin, Open Channel
Erin Weisgerber, Perspective

2017-2018 Cycle:

Richard Brouilette, Éclats
Casper Wolski, Sans titre
Charles-André Coderre, Pellicules faites à la main


The jury consists of a filmmaker, a producer and a distributor who choose the supported project as well as mentor the recipient throughout the creation process.

2018-2019 Cycle:
Mentoring jury : Ariane Bilodeau (À ma mère – 3rd cycle), Jeanne Leblanc (Isla Blanca – 2nd cycle) and Ara Ball (Quand l’amour se creuse un trou – 1st cycle), Maud Christiane (Travelling) and Geneviève Gosselin Giguère (Unité Centrale).

Supported projects:

Camille Demers-Lambert, Rêve sur la plaza
Julien Gamache-Marcotte, Louise au téléphone
Nancy Pettinicchio, Poster of a Girl

2017-2018 Cycle:
Mentoring juries : Jean-Guillaume Bastien (Ruby pleine de marde), Stéphanie Demers (Fragments Distribution) and Gabrielle Tougas Fréchette (Voyelles Films).

Supported projects:

Raquel Sancinetti, Madelaine
Ines Guennaoui, Visions
Fouad Sassi, Al Kanadi
Gabrielle Vigneault Gendron, Rien de beau ici


Support program for medium to full length documentary films that require specific support for shoots of 14 calendars days or more.
Internal selection committee.

Sarah Baril-Gaudet, Passage
Erin Weisgerber, Half a person
Casper Wolski et Omar Elhamy, Cinq saisons derrière le soleil
Lysandre Leduc Boudreau, Jacques
Jacquelyn Mills, Geographies of solitude (GOP)

Telefilm Canada – Talent to watch!

Main Film is an industry partner for Telefilm Canada and therefore recommends project to Talent to Watch through its selective stream. The following projects were recommended by Main Film, supported by Telefilm and received financial support up to $125,000:

2019 Cycle

Sarah Baril-Gaudet, Passage
Miryam Charles, Cette Maison

2018 Cycle

Philippe Grégoire, Les bruits des moteurs
Etienne Galloy and Christophe Levac, La marina
Florence Pelletier and Caroline Côté, Femmes au sommet
Mark Morgenstern, Moment One

2017 Cycle

Ara Ball, Quand l’amour se creuse un trou
Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr and Renaud Lessard, Gratteux

Upcoming Deadlines

DOC! : At all times

Film Factory : February 28th, 2020

Tricycle : June 1st/ October 1st/ February 1st


The Elsewhere, Charlotte Clermont
Monsieur Jean-Claude, Guillaume Vallée
The Fourfold, Alisi Telengut
Rêve sur la plaza, Camille Demers-Lambert
Jacques, Lysandre Leduc Boudreau
Geographies of Solitude, Jacquelyn Mills
image de film
Passage, Sarah Baril Gaudet