P·R·I·S·M·E Program

Call for applications (2)


With the support of the Canada Media Fund and as part of its Sector Development Support initiative, Main Film is offering a comprehensive professional training program focused on the craft of production and the integration of audiovisual production networks, P·R·I·S·M·E – Racialized and Afro-descendant Integrated Producers for a Fair Media Sector. The program emphasizes practice in order to render more tangible the notions and the different teachings presented.

The course is open to 6 Black or racialized people with a production project ready for development (see below for admission criteria) in fiction or documentary:

  • feature-length, medium-length, or short film.
  • web serie or linear serie.



  • In depth discovery of the ropes of the producer’s trade, their roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain a professional understanding of funding applications, administrative management (budget, contracts, unions) and the inherent institutional and legal obligations of the industry.
  • Put theory into practice through 2 days of real-life case studies and your own projects.


  •  Integration into the community through networking activities.
  • 40 hours of personalized mentoring on your project over the course of a year.

Total length of training: approximately 90 hours (including networking and off-session mentoring)

Cost of training for selected participants: 400 $ *

* In case of financial difficulties (low income, unemployed, etc.) Main Film may cover your registration fee ($400) after reviewing your application.

Call for applications – Cohort 4


  • Participants must self-identify as Black or racialized. Any indigenous profile deemed relevant will be considered.
  • You must have a fiction or documentary project (long/medium/short film or web series/linear series) ready for development.
  • You must already have hands-on experience in the audiovisual industry, whether in production, directing or writing.
  • Bilingualism is an asset to ensure that all aspects of the training are properly assimilated.


  •  Cover letter demonstrating your experience in the audiovisual sector and how the training will benefit your career,
  • Artistic CV
  • Support material (links to 1 or 2 previous works produced or directed, depending on your profile)
  • Project presentation file including the following mandatory elements:
    • A synopsis (1 page)
    • Presentation of your project idea and why it’s important for it to be born (1/2 page)
    • Presentation of the impact the project could have in today’s world (10 lines maximum)
    • Presentation of the particular and unique contribution of the person (or people) behind the project (producer/director) (1/2 page)
    • A draft of the budget and production schedule
    • A Screenplay (if available)


  • The training is in person. Please ensure that you are available throughout the program.
  • Most workshops will be given in French. Please ensure that you have the necessary level of comprehension.

Detailed schedule (not final)

Final timetables will be published shortly, but most will be set in the evenings or on weekends to enable people already in employment to participate. However, a limited number of workshops will be held during the day on weekdays.

  • MAY 2024:
    • Friday 05/31: Welcome and program launch get together (2h)


  • JUNE 2024:
    • Tuesday 06/04 from 6pm to 10pm: The profession of producer(4h)
    • Wednesday 06/05 from 6pm to 10pm:  Funding institutions – part I (4h)
    • Friday 06/07 from 6pm to 10pm: Funding institutions – part II (4h)
    • Saturday 06/08 from 9am to 1pm: Institutional and legal obligations & distribution (4h)
    • Tuesday 06/12 from 6pm to 10pm : The industry and pitch philosophy
    • Tuesday 06/18 from 9:30am to 12:30pm: Information session – Funding institutions (3h)
    • Saturday 06/22 from 10am to 5pm: Budgets, contracts, unions and professional associations (7h)
    • Sunday 06/23 from 10am to 5pm: Budget focus (7h)
    • Wednesday 06/26from 6pm to 9pm (to be confirmed) : Distribution and festivals (3h)
    • Saturday 06/29 and Sunday 06/30 from 10am to 5pm: Practical residency Grant application (2x8h)


Please note: there will be no activities between July 1st and September 1st.

  • SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2024 : (schedule to be announced)
    • Network training (4x4h)
    • Training, reflection and support in the creation of a network
    • Meetings with various industry representatives and entities
    • Creating and developing your production company
    • Practical Pitch residency (2x7h) with Pitch Competition ($4,000 in prizes and scholarship)
    • Networking activities (3x6h)
    • Professional broadcasters and producers
    • Personalized mentoring sessions (40h over 1 year)


To be submitted via this form on May 12th 2024 at 11:59pm at lastest:

P·R·I·S·M·E 4

May 12th 2024 at 11:59pm



For any questions or additional information, please contact prisme@mainfilm.qc.ca