P.R.I.S.M.E. Program

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As part of the Canada Media Fund’s Support for Industry Development Activities for Black People and People of Colour initiative, the P.R.I.S.M.E – Racized or Afro-descendant Integrated Producers for a Fair Trade Media Sector The program will focus on practice in order to make the concepts and the various lessons presented more concrete and easier to assimilate.
It is divided into 3 parts:



Production training – 24h
Course #1: The producer’s profession
Courses #2 and #3: Financing Institutions
Courses #4 and #5: Budgets, contracts and professional associations
Course #6: Institutional obligations and distribution
by Miryam Charles

Course #7: The industry and pitch philosophy
by Richard Jean-Baptiste

Course #8: Distribution and Festivals
by Mila Aung-Thwin

Production Activity – 4h
Information session: Financing institutions
with Alain Rondeau and Geneviève Lévesque (SODEC), Diego Briceño (CMF), Hager Namly and Fabrice Ravier (Telefilm Canada)

Case study : Submitting a funding application
by Hany Ouichou



Network Training – 5h
Representative Associations: Functioning and Benefits
by Rocio Barba Fuentes and Sarah Mannering from UPPCQ

Workshop: Reflection on the creation of a representative association
by Ella Cooper

Networking Activity – 5 h
Information session: Representative associations of the sector
with Mylène Augustin (Black on Black Films), Joan Jenkinson and Richard Jean-Baptiste (Black Screen Office), Sarah El-Attar and Lorna Kidjo (Black Wealth Media), UPPCQ and Anne-Valérie Tremblay (AQPM)

Networking with the AQPM
upcoming speakers



Pitch training – 7h
Training and practice in the art of the pitch
by Rémi Dufresne

Pitch activity – 6h
Pitch competition in partnership with Joan Jenkinson, Marie Ka and Richard Jean-Baptiste from the Black Screen Office
3 development grants at stake

Meeting with the Broadcasters
with Jérôme Hellio (TV5), Virginie Langlois (Télé-Québec), André Béraud (Radio-Canada), Sophie Parizeau (Bell Media) and Stéphane Cardin (Netflix).


For any questions or additional information, please contact adjsoutien@mainfilm.qc.ca