P·R·I·S·M·E Program

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With the support of the Canada Media Fund and as part of its Sector Development Support initiative, Main Film is offering a comprehensive professional training program focused on the craft of production and the integration of audiovisual production networks, P·R·I·S·M·E – Racialized and Afro-descendant Integrated Producers for a Fair Media Sector. The program emphasizes practice in order to render more concrete the notions and the different teachings presented.

This training will allow you to :

  • Discover in depth the profession of producer, its roles and responsibilities
  • Understand in a professional way the funding requests, the administrative management (budget, contracts, unions) as well as the inherent institutional and legal obligations

You will also benefit from :

  • A practical application of the theoretical part through 2 days of real case studies and through your own projects
  • Integration into the community through networking activities
  • Personalized mentoring around your project over the course of a year (limited number of hours per person)

Call for application – Cohort III


  • The training offered is open to 6 people only.
  • 4000$ will be given in grant (pitch contest).
  • Internships will be offered in addition to 40 hours of personalized mentoring.
  • If you have financial difficulties, assistance may be granted to cover the registration fees ($400).


The program is open to 6 people.

It is intended for independent producers at the beginning of their career and for more experienced independent directors who wish to develop a production practice.

These individuals must have a production project ready for development to be eligible and it must be a short, medium or feature-length fiction, feature-length documentary, web-series or linear fiction or documentary series. It is preferable that candidates be bilingual in French and English so that all the learning from the training can be assimilated and beneficial.

Any other Afro-descendant, racialized or Aboriginal profile deemed relevant will be considered.


The final schedule will be published soon. Courses will preferably be held in the evening and on weekdays to allow professionals to participate.

  • JUNE 2023:
    • Thursday 01/06: Welcome (≈2h)
    • Friday 02/06: The profession of producer (≈4h)
    • Monday 05/06: Financing Institutions – Part I (≈4h)
    • Tuesday 06/06: Funding Institutions – Part lI (≈4h)
    • Thursday 08/06: Institutional and legal obligations & distribution (≈4h)
    • Saturday 10/06: Budgets, contracts, unions and professional associations – part I and II (≈7h)
    • Sunday 11/06: Budget Focus
    • Saturday 17/06 & Sunday 18/06: Practical residency – Grant application (≈2x8h)
    • Tuesday 20/06: The industry and pitch philosophy (≈4h)
    • Wednesday 21/06: Distribution and Festivals (≈3h)
    • Tuesday 27/06: Information Session – Financial Institutions (≈3h).


Please note: there will be no activities between July 1 and Sept.

    • Network training
      Training, reflection and support in the creation of a network
      Meetings with the various organizations representing the sector
    • Create and develop your production company
    • Practical Pitch residency
      with Pitch Competition ($4000 in scholarships)
    • Networking activities
      Broadcasters and professional producers


For any questions or additional information, please contact prisme@mainfilm.qc.ca