Meet our new apochromatic lenses!

Dulens APO Mini Prime

The Dulens APO Mini Prime series consists of 4 compact and lightweight lenses (between 510 and 550 grams) covering all types of Full Frame sensors. The series has a special coating that softens skin tones and adds an halation effect to the image.

The apochromatic design of this series fully embraces the iconic characteristics of retro lenses; thus, affecting the entire image composition, eliminating color fringing effects both in and out of focus at their full aperture (T2.4). Rainbow-like reflections are particularly noticeable at this aperture. The effect is minimized by closing the aperture, while preserving the soft, low-contrast appearance of the image. Focus is sharp but not rigid and the image remains soft and expressive, offering a vintage character and look while benefiting from the reliability and features of modern lenses.

Focal Lenght Mount T-Stop Close Focus Front Diameter
31mm PL T2.4 38 cm / 1’3 80mm
43mm PL T2.4 110 cm / 3’6 80mm
58mm PL T2.4 70 cm / 2’3 80mm
85mm PL T2.4 89 cm / 2’9 80mm

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