Why become a member ?

Main Film is an artist organization whose mandate is to support independent filmmakers in defining their artistic voices and cinematographic visions through practice and artistic enrichment, regardless of the medium, the practice, the experience and the diffusion context.

Through its various activities, Main Film hopes to support filmmakers in establishing themselves as artists and to foster the emergence of new cinematic voices.

As such, working alongside other artist-run centres, we proceed on two levels. We offer filmmakers the following advantages:

  • To free themselves as much as possible from material and financial constraints, which limit creativity, creation and practice
  • To expand their artistic horizon alongside established artists, while paving the way towards an easier anchoring in the community

By becoming a member of Main Film, you will benefit from all that Main Film can offer you and you will then facilitate your integration in the artistic community!

* All members will need to show an ID and sign the rental policy prior to their first rental if not made at registration!

Benefits of the status

  • Discount on all equipment (an average of 50%) and training workshops (an average of 33%)
  • Access to free events organized as part of the training sessions
  • Recognition of your membership status in a number of artist-run centres across Canada, as part of the Independent Media Arts Access Network (IMAAN) (57 organizations across Canada)
  • Access to a viewing room to present your films
  • Access to preferential rates from our partners (MELS / VIDEO / LOU-CAM / NIAGARA CUSTOM LAB)
  • The right to attend General Assembly meetings (as a non-voting member).


The Associate membership is valid for one year, with a fee of $70.

Become an associate member



Associate membership fee : 70$/year



Contact us at services@mainfilm.qc.ca or at 514-845-7442