Marion Chuniaud

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Trailer – Statu Quo (2020)


Based in Montreal since 2015, Marion holds a master’s degree in international and intercultural communication (UQÀM). Very quickly, she applies her sensitivity and her artistic gaze to her reflections, in particular through photography and video. After a first medium-length film made in Colombia with a community of women artists, she follows the documentary program of INIS 2020 in Montreal in order to perfect her knowledge. Today, she is creating new collaborations, particularly with the dance community, and is approaching more experimental cinematographic avenues. Her last short film “Statu Quo” was presented in several festivals in Quebec and internationally and she is working on the production of her next dance short film around the memory of the body. The body in motion, the sense of belonging or the challenges of social transformation for a fairer and more inclusive society have always inspired his reflections. This is what anchors it in her community roots here and elsewhere.


  • Mémoire d’un corps à travers le temps, short dance film, 20 min (en production)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing
    Vidéographe residency and production CAC grant


  • Azalia, short documentary, 15 min (2023)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing
    Based on the story by Azalia Kaviani, produced by FILM VOI


  • Félicitations au revoir, short documentary, 15 min (2022)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing
    In collaboration with the reception classes of l’Envol alternative school and the Laval school board


  • Si les chiens n’existaient pas, student short documentary (Inis), 6 min (2020)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing


  • Statu Quo, short experimental, 10 min (2020)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing
    Distribution : Vidéographe
    Goethe Institut’s Grant
    Festivals : Rendez vous Québec cinéma (Canada, 2022), Festival international du court
    métrage Regard (Saguenay, 2022), Dresden International short film festival (Allemagne,
    2021); Festival Quartiers Danses (Canada, 2021); Festival longue vue sur le court
    (Canada, 2021), Reel HeART International film and screen play festival (EU,2021)


  • Voces Beracas, short documentary, 20 min (2020)
    Roles : Screenwriting / directing
    Festivals : Festival Internacional de ciné Indépendiente de Bogotá (Colombie, 2021);
    Medelín internacional Film festival (Colombie, 2021); San Antonio Indépendente Film
    Festival (Équateur, 2020); Festival Internacional de ciné Cuidad Bolivard (Colombie,