Ryan McKenna


Ryan McKenna is a Canadian filmmaker, whose early works were recognized for their visual comedy and deadpan humour, while his more recent work has explored experimental and hybrid approaches in narrative cinema. His feature films include The First Winter (2012), Le coeur de madame Sabali (2015), Cranks (2019), and the upcoming Promenades nocturnes (2022).


  • Bon Voyage, short film (2010)
  • Chinatown, short film (2010)
  • Honky Tonk Ben, short film (2011)
  • The First Winter, feature film (2012)
  • Controversies, short film (2014)
  • Four-Mile Creek, short film (2014)
  • Le coeur de madame Sabali, feature film (2015)
  • Voices of Kidnapping, short film (2017)
  • Cranks, feature film (2019)
  • Promenades nocturnes, feature film (2022)