LED Panel DMG Lumière MAXI MIX by Rosco


Already available at Main Film’s  and often requested by our members, the MIX LED panels are powerful lighting tools that generate a wide spectrum of colors. The MAXI MIX is the most powerful panel from the family DMG Lumière by Rosco. Projecting 7500 Lux  at a 3 feet distance and 1045 Lux at a 10 feet distance, this panel has the same functionality, effects and features as any other DMG Lumière MIX panel series. This panel of 47 x 14 x 3.3 ‘’ can be fixed with a standard 2k pin on Yoke or with a Goose-neck mount pin both  provided in rental with an extra softbox and other accessories (power unit and extension).

This panel can be used with the free cellphone application myMix. Combined with the application this feature from the MIX serie is an extremely useful tool on every type of production because of their versatility, ease of use and extreme precision.

Technical specifications here