The first Full Frame camera at Main Film!

Kinefinity Mavo Edge 8K

The MAVO Edge 8K is a brand new 8K FF CMOS camera with a carbon fiber body; lightweight and compact, it allows filmmakers to create without limits. It features native dual ISO 640/2560, and shoots in 8K Wide at up to 70 frames per second. Surprisingly, this camera can still deliver a stunning 45 megapixel image at up to 45 frames per second in 3:2 Open Gate format. In addition to offering a wide range of resolution, the MAVO Edge 8K has a dynamic range of 14 stops, low noise considering the size of the sensor, and elegant natural color rendering.

Featuring an internal e-ND ranging from 0.6 (2stops) to 2.4 (8 stops), two native ports for the viewfinder as well as the 5" monitor in addition to two recording slots for SSDs; Kinefinity has introduced Apple ProRes4444/XQ as the base codec to the camera to facilitate workflow. The MAVO Edge 8K also offers two 1.5G/3G SDI outputs with metadata and audio transmission to improve compatibility with third-party accessories such as external recorders and 1.5G monitors in addition to offering two XLR inputs and 4 recording tracks. In addition, the Kinemount system allows the mount to be adapted to PL or EF without tools. Just like when installing a lens, it is quick and easy to attach the adapter to the Kinemount without having to adjust the FFD (flange focal distance). The possibility of using different focal lengths in the same project becomes even more simple and intuitive.

This camera is the ideal complement to the Xelmus Apollo anamorphic lenses since its full format sensor allows to optimize the optical rendering, specifically in 6:5 image ratio. This combination of the optical qualities of the Xelmus Apollo and the sensor rendering of the Mavo Edge 8K delivers natural color, pleasing skin tones, amazing range and detail in an organic and delicate, cinema-like manner.

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