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Great Joy (BLAZAR) anamorphic 1.8x 35mm, 50mm et 85mm

Great Joy anamorphic lenses are compatible with Full Frame sensors (in 4:3 mode), and the 1.8x compression factor considerably widens the horizontal angle of view. This, combined with the maximum aperture of T2.9, enables the creation of images distinguished by their dream-like quality, absence of distortion when in focus, and slightly attenuated contrast. The 11-blade (35mm and 50mm) and 16-blade (85mm) irises keep the bokeh shape constant with variation of aperture, flare remains subtle and amber.

Offering sharp, distinct image rendition, the performance of these lenses remains consistent, even in very bright conditions. Compatible with a wide selection of digital and analog cameras, these lenses offer distinctive image rendering with little variation in color tone between different focal lengths.

Compact and lightweight, these lenses are a tool for filmmakers wanting to benefit from all the advantages offered by anamorphic lenses!

Focal Lenght Mount T-Stop Min. Focus Front diameter


PL/EF T2.9 70cm / 2’2″ 82mm


 T2.9 70cm / 2’2″ 82mm
85mm PL/EF  T2.9 70cm / 2’2″ 82mm

Demo Reel

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